Our Services

Achieve top-line business growth and improve the overall performance of your IT infrastructures with our wide range of services.


At CDT, we believe that a successful IT solution must comprises of a good and suitable product selection, a good and proper implementation processes and methodology and the last, but not least, off-course a skillful and experienced implementer.

For that reason, CDT is very keen to help our partners and customers by providing professional services in order to guarantee a successful implementation for Oracle products or solutions which we delivered. Through our services, clients can achieve top-line business growth and improve the overall performance of their IT infrastructures.

For any services those we provide, we will assure those services will be delivered by a skillful and experience team, consists of Project Manager, Technical Consultant, System Engineer, DBA, Quality Assurance and also Technical Writer. CDT will also offer maintenance supports, both preventive and corrective maintenance, to make sure a continuous support to our partners and customers.
Our professional services team is also backed-up by 24x7 Customer Response Center (CRC), Testing Lab facilities, Training facilities and, for some cases, hardware spare parts and golden units. All of these facilities will help to assure and maintain the quality of our services, including the maintenance support services.

Herewith the portfolio of our services.

Hardware and OS

Hardware and OS services focus on the unique challenges of deploying and managing enterprise hardware infrastructure. CDT consultants and engineers can help you to assemble, install, configure and manage the IT infrastructures needed.

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Virtualization started as a means of server consolidation, but IT needs are evolving as data centers are becoming service providers. In response to growing business needs for virtualization, CDT can help with the full range of virtualization services..

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Database Availability and Disaster Recovery Services

Database has a very critical role in one IT System. The availability and protection against disaster are one of the key concerns for IT people, especially for the Database Administrator...

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Database Security

We need to assure the data and information reside on one database system are secured. Oracle Database came with several options and products which will give a full range of security for Oracle Database...

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Data Integration

The requirement for data exchange from one system to the other and also data consolidation or repository, creates the services for Data Integration.

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System Monitoring And Management Services

CDT offers monitoring and management services for an IT system components, from Hardware up to Application layer.

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Maintenance Support

In one IT project, a successful implementation is just one step of the whole journey. Maintenance or post implementation support is another component which is as critical as implementation stage. For that reason, on top of Oracle's Annual Technical Support (ATS) and Oracle Premiere Support (OPS)...

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CDT offers training for a lot of learning topics. We offer Oracle University Standard classroom training, a popular and comprehensive learning format.

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