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Local Server Load Balancer

Local Server Load Balancer will acts as a reverse proxy and distributes network or application traffic across a number of servers.

Your ISP connections are your link to the outside world. Having multiple connections can increase availability and performance, but managing multiple links can be difficult.

BIG-IP® Link Controller puts the management of these links under your control. It monitors the performance and availability of each link and directs connections—both inbound and outbound—over the best possible link. It also improves application performance by prioritizing and optimizing traffic. BIG-IP Link Controller gives you the tools to direct traffic over the most cost-effective connections first so you can keep your ISP costs at a minimum.

The result is more effective use of multiple ISP connections for greater reliability, better performance, and lower costs.

Key benefits

Eliminate downtime caused by link and ISP failures

Monitor the health and availability of each connection to dynamically direct users around ISP outages.

Improve application performance

Route users over the best link and optimize the connection to provide the best application experience.

Control ISP costs

Aggregate inexpensive links and create policies to control your bandwidth costs.


Who is CDT?

Central Data Technology (CDT) is a Value Added Distributor established on 2011. As a member of CTI Group, Central Data Technology is IT Company who distributes world-leading brands of Information Technology.

 CDT have 3 pillars :

  • Infrastructure Solution ( SUN Microsystem, FUJITSU, Pure Storage and HDS)
  • Enterprise Solution ( Oracle and DBvisit)
  • Nework and Security (F5 Network)

 Any inquiries please contact : marketing@centraldatatech.com


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