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Enterprise Network Firewall & Anti DDoS

Network Firewalls are frequently used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing private networks or intranets.

In enterprise network firewall, we provide Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) from F5 Networks

Businesses rely on applications for internal productivity and for external customer access. At the same time, applications and the data centers that host them are increasingly under threat from sophisticated, targeted attacks.

F5® BIG-IP® Advanced Firewall ManagerTM (AFM) is a high-performance, stateful, full-proxy network firewall designed to guard data centers against incoming threats that enter the network on the most widely deployed protocols—including HTTP/S, SMTP, DNS, and FTP. By aligning firewall policies with the applications they protect, BIG-IP AFM streamlines application deployment, security, and monitoring. With its scalability, security, and simplicity, BIG-IP AFM forms the core of the F5 application delivery firewall solution. 


Different by Design

Addressing the needs of evolving data centers with a security model optimized for integration with today’s network architecture, Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM) brings together security and deep application fluency to provide app-centric security at the network level. The unique design oriented around applications ensures the effectiveness of application deployment, simplifies access control policy assurance and protects servers and the data center infrastructure from the most aggressive DDoS attacks. AFM is the core of the F5 Application Delivery Firewall solution (ADF), which combines the network firewall with anti-DDoS, traffic management, application security, user access management, and DNS security. By integrating these core datacenter features, F5 application delivery firewall reduces management complexity and overhead and is ideal for protecting internet-facing data centers where ever they reside.


Consolidated Security Infrastructure

As the foundation for the integrated Application Delivery Firewall security platform, AFM combines with other BIG-IP solutions to enhance security capabilities and eliminate the need for single point products that support application delivery, application security, user access, DDoS protection in order to reduce TCO and increase operational efficiencies.


Precise Visibility

For intelligence that drives actions, AFM provides deep visibility into attacks and mitigation techniques, enabling more complete reporting and analysis. AFM also provides additional exposure through SNMP to leverage forensic and SIEM tools.


Strongest DoS Defense

With the flexibility of iRules, sophisticated filtering, over a hundred built-in threat vectors with many accelerated in hardware, AFM offers the best defense for identifying and mitigating sophisticated DoS attacks entering the network on a variety of protocols.


Uninterrupted Services

As the most scalable and high-performing network firewall with up to 7.5 million connections per second and more hardware-based vectors than any other vendor, AFM helps to ensure traffic flow even under the most intense attacks.


Who is CDT?

Central Data Technology (CDT) is a Value Added Distributor established on 2011. As a member of CTI Group, Central Data Technology is IT Company who distributes world-leading brands of Information Technology.

 CDT have 3 pillars :

  • Infrastructure Solution ( SUN Microsystem, FUJITSU, Pure Storage and HDS)
  • Enterprise Solution ( Oracle and DBvisit)
  • Nework and Security (F5 Network)

 Any inquiries please contact : marketing@centraldatatech.com


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