All-Flash Array: Agile Infrastructure with Maximum Simplicity

Wed, May 30 2018 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

The adoption of all-flash array storage is increasing, because according to Dell’O Group’s research,
all-flash array systems revenue is forecasted to grow to almost $12 billion by 2022. The projected
growth is due to all-flash array has more technical maturity and continuous advancement in storage
and networking than the traditional storage. All-flash array offers simpler, faster, and smarter
storage system to derive insights so business could deliver better service to the customers.
Therefore, to fulfill the current all-flash array demands, Pure Storage presents its all-flash array
storage that offers simpler and more efficient storage for business.

As mentioned above, Pure Storage’s all-flash array storage is simple. It offers rapid time of
deployment which is only 30 minutes or 50% faster so customers can begin realizing the benefits of
all-flash array storage right away. Pure Storage’s all-flash array also simplifies the IT department’s
task, because with its all-flash array, performance tuning is no more necessary. Moreover, Pure
Storage’s all-flash array storage is very stable because it has 99.9999% of reliability.

Not only easy to deploy, Pure Storage’s all-flash array is also easy to use. It is proven by the time
needed to open critical data files cut by two-thirds, makes company could continually improve their
productivity and performance. Its rapid time of deployment also gives company extra times to focus
on their business instead of dealing with complex storage configuration. In order to complete
customer satisfaction, Pure Storage also offers other advantages namely high scalability, zero
downtime upgrade, and data reduction features such as deduplication and compression.

The advantages of Pure Storage’s all-flash array have been experienced by Toyota Financial Services
New Zealand, the largest motor vehicle manufacturer-owned finance company in New Zealand.
After years of difficulty with sluggish, legacy storage systems that were complex to manage and
expensive to scale, the company turned to Pure Storage to deploy faster and easier-to-use
infrastructure. Now, the company has shrunk their replicating system time from eight hours to less
then one hour and gives employees uninterrupted access to essential applications so they could spin
up services in seconds instead of minutes.

Avoid the hassle of complex storage infrastructure with Central Data Technology (CDT) as the value-
added distributor of Pure Storage that will assist you eliminate the constraint and complexity of
storage through Pure Storage all-flash array solution and let you accelerate your business’s growth.