Fri, Nov 24 2017 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

If your business is like most others, you and your teams spend more time maintaining your business than you do innovating it. An August 2017 SAP Business Trends blog post sums up this ever-present reality for businesses, “Most companies today spend 75% of their resources on running the company, aka keeping the lights on, and only 25% on innovation.”

If your organization runs a traditionally managed SAP® environment or the SAP HANA® platform, you likely know that reality too well. SAP applications typically require performing system copy, clone, and refresh tasks not once, but multiple times throughout the lifecycle of the solutions in order to develop new functionality to increase business value or to fix bugs. If you frequently skip refreshing your SAP copies, you increase the risk of data inconsistencies and even data corruption.

Yet, in a traditionally managed SAP environment, copy, clone, and refresh tasks are manual and can require that several teams, such as storage admins, server admins, virtualization admins, and more, align and collaborate. The manual tasks and multiple participants can make copy, clone, and refresh tasks complex, tedious, time-consuming, and costly. The pre-copy, core-database, and post-copy activities for traditional SAP and SAP HANA databases — whether physical or virtual — can take days to complete. It’s estimated that the cost to copy, clone, and refresh each SAP system can exceed $800,000.



SAP system copy, clone, and refresh tasks don’t have to take days and drain valuable resources, time, and dollars — not with your SAP solutions powered by the Pure Storage® Data Platform for the Cloud Era. You can save both time and money with the platform’s fully integrated end-to-end SAP system copy automation capabilities using the Pure Storage Copy Automation Tool (CAT) for SAP. If you and your team are responsible for SAP applications, the Pure Storage CAT for SAP lets you automate copy, clone, and refresh tasks and focus your time and budget instead on new, innovative solutions with the SAP HANA platform, the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data — which can drive new business.



The Pure Storage CAT for SAP provides an end-to-end integrated process to copy, clone, and refresh SAP systems. It automates roughly 75 percent of SAP copy functionality without any setup or configuration.3 The time saved can equal an 80 to 90 percent reduction in annual costs.4

With just a few clicks, and selecting the source and target systems, the Pure Storage CAT for SAP empowers admins to perform pre-refresh activities, core-database copy activities, and post-refresh activities and to monitor activity progress and validate successful completion.

 Admins also have the flexibility to easily integrate additional SAP tasks into the process and to customize the copy, clone, and refresh tasks to meet the requirements of individual environments.

The Pure Storage CAT is embedded into every Pure Storage® FlashArray//M and FlashArray//X solution. There are no separate license, maintenance, or subscription costs. It runs through Purity//Run, an open platform for running applications on Pure Storage FlashArray solutions. FlashArray solutions and Purity//Run are key components of the Pure Storage Data Platform for the Cloud Era. All tasks run inside Purity//Run instead of your main system, which preserves server performance for other tasks.

The Pure Storage CAT for SAP is currently supported for physical and virtual environments running traditional SAP systems using Oracle® or Microsoft® SQL Server® databases and SAP HANA workloads. Additional workloads are being developed all the time.