Have You Secured Your Business?

Fri, Feb 10 2017 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

The rise of digital economy is driving the increased reliance on application services. Businesses deploy lots of applications to serve their customers. But sometimes, these deployments are not followed by improving the security.

Fortunately, companies nowadays are more aware of the importance of security. In 2016, there were eleven application services that were used by the organizations. Now, it has increased to fourteen applications. Nearly half of organizations deploy between eleven and twenty application services. Those services includes the three security concerns for 2017 such as DDoS mitigation, DNSSEC protection, and web application firewall services.

Security, performance, availability, and identity are the most valued services that is considered by the companies. It is confirmed by the latest research conducted by F5 Networks called "State of Application Delivery 2017".

According to the study, applications nowadays is becoming the most important things that can drive businesses. Therefore, a proper security measure and applications are needed to protect those applications.

As security company, F5 Networks provides many application security solutions. F5 Networks puts itself between the application and the cloud. So it can help companies to detect if there's any suspicious activities or irregularities that may become threat to the applications.

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