This Weird Ransomware Educates You About Ransomware

Tue, Feb 07 2017 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

Ransomware is annoying in every form possible. With the increasing trend of ransomware infection and the increasing variety of ransomware, we should already have practiced a common basic procedure to avoid ransomware attacks.

But ransomware still infects more and more people in many areas, including enterprise area. It looks like that we need a proper education and knowledge to avoid such things. However, there is a strange ransomware that educates the affected person about how to stay safe while browsing and information about the recent ransomware.

This ransomware was discoverd by security researcher Michael Gilespie. A ransomware that is a variant of Koolova is a strange yet unique ransomware. If activated, it will encrypt your files for ransom, but it will decrypt your files for free if you educate yourself about ransomware by reading two articles.

Koolova ransomware itself has a behavior similar to Jigsaw ransomware. Cited from Bleeping Computer, Jigsaw encrypts its victim's computer's files and shows a message about the ransomware. If the ransom payment has not been made, it will delete some amount of files periodically for every hour.

Koolova also behaves the same. But, instead of deleting files and asking for money in exchange for decryption key, it asks you to read two articles from Google Security Blog called "Stay Safe" While Browsing and Bleeping Computer's "Jigsaw Ransomware Decrypted: Will Delete Your Files Until You Pay the Ransom".

Once you read both articles, the option to decrypt the files becomes available. Then Koolova will connect to the server to get the victim's decryption key that can be used to decrypt the files.

Source: Koolova Ransomware Decrypts for Free if you Read Two Articles about Ransomware - Bleeping Computer