Five Strategic Issues to Focus in 2017

Tue, Jan 17 2017 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

Digital transformation is accelerating and is coming to you in a rapid pace. Companies should have the correct strategy to face and ride the wave of digital transformation and avoid the digital disruption.

Here are the five strategic issues to watch in 2017.

AI is not the future, it is now. Machine learning and deep learning are advancing quickly. Smart assistant such as Alexa, Cortana, Google Now, and Siri are changing the way we interact with machines and devices. Meanwhile, more advanced analytics are going mainstream. So, CIOs should try to look for opportunities that can lead to a smarter enterprise.

With the advancement of digital technology such as AI, robotics, and internet of things makes there are some specific talent needs in such technology. Companies should try to find suitable talent for those areas. One thing that matters, particularly for millenials, is working at a tech-savvy company that gives employee the latest and greatest tech tools.

Agile is everything. In this digital age, everything moves really fast. Organizations should keep the pace with the advancement of digital age to avoid the risk of losing the competition.

All roads must lead to value. Often overlooked in the zeal to cut costs, build faster and better infrastructure, and devise a more responsive business framework is that the end goal is to create greater value for employees, partners and customers. Every initiative should focus on systems, workflows, apps and interactions that reduce friction and increase efficiency. That's how you build a sustainable enterprise and a brand that matters.

Security is not just a protection. The increasing way of attacks and security breaches has made the traditional security approaches ineffective. To deliver more advanced and more integrated protections, CIOs must work together with CSOs and CISOs to use the AI and analytics to find abnormalities early before they can grow into problems.

Source: Focus on 5 Strategic Issues in 2017 - CIO Insight