Securing Your Enterprise Applications with the BIG-IP

Thu, Nov 17 2016 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

The Internet has become increasingly complex, leaving many enterprises vulnerable to malicious attacks. Organizations are faced with trying to protect their infrastructure against network security attacks, as well as attacks that are specific to the application layer. Every year, security breaches cost companies millions of dollars in revenue, productivity, and lost reputations.

Organizations have traditionally responded to these threats by enhancing network security through the use of firewalls. However, this relatively narrow scope has proven insufficient. Although traditional firewalls may protect an organization against network attacks, they are incapable of defending against the new breed of attacks targeting the application layer.

Applications have become a core component in the way today's organizations conduct business. Applications have a direct impact on the revenue stream of an organization, so protecting business-critical information from malicious attacks that focus on application vulnerabilities, in addition to low-level network attacks, is vital. Organizations are faced with many challenges to achieve true network and application security, like Internal security breaches and information leaks. 

One of the biggest threats today are security attacks from people within the organization. While external attacks are extremely important and critical to today's ecommerce world, internal attacks should not be overlooked. These internal attacks are very hard to detect and prevent because users within the organization are part of the trusted domain. Perimeter security provides no protection if the attack stems from within the perimeter. Using existing perimeter security solutions, organizations are struggling to implement an effective, unified security policy that complies with regulatory security standards (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, FIPS), while maintaining the level of ubiquitous network and resource access required by today's mobile and remote workforce.

Organizations are looking for more dependable, scalable solutions to broaden their security reach and increase their protection levels. F5's BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM), an Application Delivery Networking solution, gives organizations the tools they need to achieve comprehensive security both at the network and at the application layers. BIG-IP LTM provides a wide variety of security in both the network and application layers that play a significant role in bolstering the security of an organization. From adding powerful network-level security policies to filtering the most sophisticated application attacks, BIG-IP LTM is deployed as a critical gateway to your most precious resources: the applications and networks that run your business. As the leader in integrated SSL encryption and application security management, BIG-IP LTM hardens your site against a wide class of attacks. 

BIG-IP LTM performs deep packet inspection of the entire application payload to provide powerful application-level security. Through its flexible feature set and unmatched capabilities, it provides administrators with powerful tools to manage and control their application traffic. Comprehensive authentication, authorization, auditing, and application traffic inspection features enforce your security policies at the edge of the network, during session initiation, through session persistence and completion. Features include:

  • Application Security Manager
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Hardened Application Protection
  • iRules
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Cookie Encryption and Authentication


Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), and VPN devices are the first line of defense against security threats both inside and outside an organization. The significant role these devices play in network security demands that they are available, functioning properly, and responding at all times. Adding BIG-IP LTM to your existing security infrastructure enables you to extend your security range with scalability and high availability.