CDT Data Warehouse Offload Solution

Wed, Aug 10 2016 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

The emergence of new data sources and the need now to analyze virtually everything, including unstructured data and live event streams, has led many organizations to a startling conclusion: a single enterprise data warehousing platform can no longer handle the growing breadth and depth of analytical workloads. Being purpose-built for big data analytics, Hadoop is now becoming a strategic addition to the data warehousing environment, where it is able to fulfill several roles.

CDT combined MapR- an enterprise-grade Hadoop distribution that delivers unprecedented dependability, ease of use, and remarkable speed for Hadoop, NoSQL, databases and streaming applications with Talend, a powerful integration and data quality solution for ETL transformation.

MapR and Talend Solutions Benefit


Reduce Overall TCO - MapR provide an enterprise grade data management platform that helps store large volumes of data at a lower cost than alternatives.

Gain New Business Insight - The ability to store, process and analyze new types of data, and process it to answer questions that were previously impossible or very tough to answer.

High Peformance and Scalability - The MapR Distribution was designed for high throughput and low latency. MapR also able to scales all the way to a trillion files without compromising performance.


Ease of use - graphical code generating tools that simplify big data integration without writing or maintaining complex big data code. Reduces time-to-market with drag-and-drop creation and configuration, prebuilt and documented examples bapackages sed on real-world experiences.

Built in Data Quality and Governance - Administer and manage even the most complex teams and projects whose members have different roles and responsibilities

Comprehensive big data support - including Hadoop HDFS, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, BigQuery; and is Certified for MapR distribution. Talend extends this with over 800 components that allow for integration with nearly any application, warehouse or database.