Letter to CIO

Fri, Apr 29 2016 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology


Dear CIO,


We understand you because we are just like you

Your costs are too high, and there's pressure from the executive to reduce them

You have ever-increasing resource constraints with numerous top priorities

Your team's lack of technical expertise is decreasing overall quality 

There are too many regulations and compliance standards to meet

You may have seen this listing forms usually title with the word typical, bulleted and smartly presented in box form with all animation

There are many presentation in every power point presentation, every keynote, every interaction with every vendor you deal they’re also meaningless

The presenters goals innocent enough, you list issues that you most likely have, then walking you through a series of products brand services that attempt in some minor way to fix at least one of them and he’s hoping he can convince you that the one that really matters I could do the same thing the next time we meet but I slightly more self respect them all, slightly.

A polite nod from you allow them to continue to the next slide without really digging into the content your inside voices telling you that the presenter simply doesn’t get it.


Letter to the CIO, we understand you because we are just like you.