Once Again, Gartner Says Hitachi Content Platform Object Store is EXCELLENT

Wed, Apr 27 2016 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

These are exciting times for object storage and especially for Hitachi’s Content Platform (HCP).  The breadth of storage options available is nothing short of vast, including those from enterprise storage vendors (some with multiple offerings), open source, startups, and niche players looking to capitalize on the object storage buzz. It’s not just the vendor landscape that’s changing - the reasons behind object storage adoption are also evolving. What was once thought of as the appropriate infrastructure for archiving and compliance initiatives is now an enabling platform behind digital transformation efforts for organizations and service providers.  As a foundation for transformation, businesses are better positioned to: 

  • proactively deliver customer-centric apps that aggregate and propagate different data types into a single stream
  • supply secure storage for cloud-enabled applications and their developers
  • eliminate storage silos and legacy solutions
  • transform traditional data backup into tiered data access – always on, always recoverable
  • provide economical storage tiering options for on-premises or cloud
  • centralize data to enable analytics and fact-based decision making

The idea that you can use a single solution to do all these things (and more!) is really exciting, and that is what HCP is – a single architecture built to create a central information hub for your most strategic and valuable asset – your data.  In fact, HCP is an excellent solution for addressing these sorts of activities, and we’re not the only people who feel that way.  Gartner analysts Arun Chandrasekaran, Raj Bala and Garth Landers outlined the most important object storage use cases and features in the latest edition of their “Critical Capabilities for Object Storage” report.  In the report, Hitachi Content Platform was assessed as “Excellent” for the 2rd time in a row, and with distinct leadership qualities.


Here’s a snapshot of HCP’s rankings across a number of use cases and capabilities:


Overall score                                  HCP rated as Excellent

Use Case:  Backup                          HCP is the leader (Excellent)

Use Case:  Archiving                      HCP rated as Excellent

Capability:  Storage Efficiency      HCP is the leader; the only product with an “Excellent” rating

Capability:  Interoperability          HCP is the leader (Excellent)

Capability:  Security                        HCP rated as Excellent

Capability:  Resilience                    HCP rated as Excellent


Key Points

  • As was the case in the 2014 Critical Capabilities report, HCP was rated as Excellent for Archiving and Security.  
  • HCP’s top rating in Storage Efficiency translates to superiority in terms of reducing TCO and increasing the effective capacity of your storage based on capabilities such as compression, deduplication, and storage tiering.  Storage efficiency is paramount as organizations look to evolve beyond traditional object storage use cases, such as archiving, and into cloud and big data analytics, where Petabyte or even Exabyte scale are the norm.
  • HCP took first place in the Interoperability category.  Why is that important? It means HCP offers the strongest ability to support traditional and next-generation workloads simultaneously, along with deployment flexibility through a choice of delivery and consumption models. HCP also excels at hybrid cloud, supporting more choices of public cloud services than any other product.  HCP also has a unique ecosystem advantage based on tight integration with Hitachi Data Ingestor (cloud gateway), HCP Anywhere (file sync and share), Public Clouds, and HNAS/Flash.  
  • HCP also earned first place for the Backup use case.  If your organization is undergoing a digital transformation, HCP is the best option for adopting an “active” data protection strategy to proactively monitor data integrity and repair or rebuild data at risk. In fact, many customers have eliminated backups altogether with HCP’s rich data protection and resiliency capabilities.



HCP’s capabilities enabled it to be appropriately recognized for its strengths, but also for evolving to deliver the capabilities we believe the future will call for.  Archiving is archiving, but the reality is that the future is bound to how content is managed, governed, analyzed and mobilized. Focusing on the development of a unique product ecosystem, where content is key, HCP can manage unstructured content holistically and automatically across the enterprise with policies, govern content across the enterprise based on its robust compliance features, analyze content with a built in metadata search engine, and mobilize content using HCP Anywhere and Hitachi Data Ingestor.

The numbers (and I’m not talking about storage depth) don’t lie – HCP is a leader in deployments with more than 1,500 customers and counting!  In fact, many leading organizations entrust HCP with YOUR data.

  • Used by 4 out of 5 of the largest banks in the world
  • 4 out of 5 of the leading Insurance organizations in the United States 
  • Over 40% of the top 20 “Global Top 100” companies

Overall, HCP’s strong scores reflect the extraordinary quality of the fruits provided by a proven solution built on a foundation of 10 years of innovation – most likely longer than for any other product evaluated in the Gartner report.

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