The impact of the 'Observer Effect' on microservices architecture

Wed, Nov 04 2015 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

Application availability is not just the measure of “being up”. Many apps can claim that status. Technically they are running and responding to requests, but at a rate which users would certainly interpret as being down. That’s because excessive load times can (and will be) interpreted as “not available.” That’s why it’s important to view ensuring application availability as requiring attention to all its composite parts: scalability, performance, and security.

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Why businesses are taking global load balancing to the cloud

Fri, Oct 02 2015 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

Aliyun’s recent announcement to set up a cloud data centre in Singapore and its $1 billion investment in its cloud data centres point to the increasing demand for cloud-related data management services worldwide. Structure Report estimates that Singapore’s data centre location market will surpass $1.2 billion next year.

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The disaster-recovery lessons we learned after Katrina

Thu, Sep 03 2015 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

A decade ago New Orleans and the Gulf Coast of the United States were devastated by the sixth strongest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration claims Hurricane Katrina was the most destructive storm to ever strike the United States.

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A recipe to avoid becoming the next headline

Tue, Aug 18 2015 | Author: PT. Central Data Technology

Every day we hear of a “major” security breach at another big company. Inevitably, the organization breached goes on a spin campaign to shift blame away from itself, but never simply says, “We could have prevented this if we had our act together.”

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